45 Broughton Street, Brighton

J. Higgins

Purchasing Manager

Zacron Engineering

Unit 5

Hempstead Industrial Estate

Hemel Hempstead

25 May 1998

Dear Mr. Higgins,

We have pleasure in inviting you to our annual conference. This year it will be taking place at the Metropole Hotel, Brighton, from 24 to 28 July.

We enclose details of the conference, accommodation arrangements and a provi­sional programme.

Last year you gave a very interesting presentation on the subject of "Purchasing High Technology". We would be very grateful if you would consider giving us an update on this.

We would appreciate it if you could confirm your participation at your earliest con­venience.

Yours sincerely, P. Matthews Conference Organizer

3. Communication quiz. Choose the best method of communication (on the right) for each problem (on the left):

1. You want to talk briefly to someone on the a. hold a meeting
10th floor.
2. You urgently need to contact a firm abroad. b. write a letter
3. You want to communicate something impor-
tant to someone in the firm. с arrange an appointment with
4. You want to communicate something impor- him/her
tant to everyone in the firm.
5. You want to call your secretary into your of- d. ring him/her on the telephone
6. You want to talk briefly to someone in an- e. ring him/her on his/her extension
other firm.
7. You want to tell everyone about the office f. telex
8. You want to uniform someone in another g. circulate it with a distribution list
firm of something.
9. You want to meet someone in another firm h. write a note
to discuss something important.
10. Your secretary is out. You want to let him / i. write a memo
her know you've gone home.
11.You want to tell someone his /her work j. put a notice on the notice board
isn't good enough.
12.You want to discuss a problem with other k. give him/her an interview
four people.
13.You urgently need to contact someone in 1. talk to him/her face to face
another town who hasn't got a telephone or
telex. m. send a telegram
14.You want to let 12 people read an interest-
ing 9-page document. n. use the intercom
15.You want to talk to someone who has ap-
plied for a job with your company. o. write a memo to all the staff


(Лексико-граматичні засоби релевантного відтворення комунікативних намірів на письмі. Контракт. Складові частини контракту)

Обсяг матеріалу:зразки ділової документації. Види контрактів, складові час­тини контракту. Складання контракту між покупцем та продавцем. Студент повинен:

знати письмові штампи і кліше, необхідні для ведення ділової документації, складання контракту;

уміти робити записи, виписки, фіксувати інформацію, отриману під час чи­тання ділової документації, працювати з контрактами, складати контракт між по­купцем та продавцем.

1. Pre-reading stage:

1)What types of contracts do you know?

2) What information do contracts usually contain?

/. Study the following words and word-combinations:

1. contract for the preparation of a detailed project report - контракт на виконання технічного проекту об'єкту

2. contract for the sending of specialists - контракт на відрядження спеціалістів

3. contract for rendering technical assistance in the construction of a project -контракт на технічну співпрацю у будуванні об'єкту

4. contract for the supply of complete equipment - контракт на постачання комплектного обладнання

5. contract for the sale of know-how and license - контракт на продаж ліцензій та ноу-хау

6. research and development contract - контракт на проведення технічних дослідів та розробок

7. developmental contract - контракт на розробку

8. risk contract - контракт на умовах ризику

9. reference number - номер для посилання

10. insurance payments - страхові виплати

11. responsibility of the parties and procedure for setting disputes - відповідальність сторін та процедура проведення диспутів

II. While-reading stage: